I'm Linda Eckhardt, the founder and owner of The Skin You're In.  Let me share a little of my story with you.  I worked for more than 28 years in the field of human services and mental health. I hold both a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in addition to my license as a cosmetologist. I started working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids and their families in the school systems and later moved to working with adults who were Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing who experienced serious and persistent mental illness.  I managed residential programs, case management services, and many other kinds of mental health services and eventually moved into upper management as Vice President of one of the Twin Cities largest mental health agencies.  My responsibilities as Vice President included Operations, Training and Development, Quality Assurance and Clinical Services. A few years ago, I realized that I was burning out and needed to make a change for the sake of my own mental health. I loved the people with whom I worked so this was a hard decision.  I decided that I wanted to try something new and something I always had a passion for... skin care.  I went back to school and became a licensed cosmetologist and then continued on with advanced education at the International Dermal Institute in the field of skin therapy.

I worked for a couple of different salons doing skin care and eventually sought out a position as a skin therapist at a business that used Dermalogica products. Why? Because I used them myself, love the products and see results.  Eventually, I was promoted to Skin Lead.  While working with the Dermalogica product line, I took advantage of continuing education through Dermalogica.  I advanced through the Dermalogica Expert Program to Expert Status. The Expert Program is structured into three tiers:  Dermalogica Certified (Tier 1), Dermalogica Specialist (Tier 2), and Dermalogica Expert (Tier 3). Participants must complete a series of demanding classes in order to move from one tier to the next. In addition to perfecting proficiency with an array of specific ingredients, treatments and Dermalogica products, the series also enriches the skill-set of the participant with business knowledge, including tips on merchandising, retailing and event planning.

After several years practicing my profession as a skin therapist, I decided to set up my own business focusing on improving customers' skin health, working to reduce the impact of aging, sun damage and other environmental factors on the skin and promoting customer education, knowledge and home care.  I have transferred many of the same skill sets I used in the human services field including listening, communication, and people skills as well as management, training and quality assurance to The Skin You’re In LLC.  These skills will help to ensure the best quality of services, top-notch education and training, high level customer service and a customer first philosophy at The Skin You're In. 

I continue to study and learn more about new trends, procedures, products, ingredients, equipment as well as scientific facts and discoveries about the skin through the International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica, Aestheticare Kansas City, Associated Skin Care Professionals, the Institute of Integrative Oncology, training provided by equipment and product specialists, and of course reading, reading and more reading.

According to Jane Wurwand,  founder of the Dermalogica brand, the success of an individual’s Dermalogica skin care regimen requires regular face-to-face dialogue, consultation and treatments with a licensed skin therapist. I would like to be your skin therapist and help you succeed with conquering your skin concerns.

I love what I do and I hope you will love my services and the subsequent results as much as I love providing them for you.


Linda J. Eckhardt (MN License #15607213)

The Skin You're In LLC ( MN License #14008317).


Simply buying your product online won’t give you the optimum results. As with all aspects of health, skin health requires professional expertise and interaction, and that cannot be simply sold over the counter or sent to you in a tube or bottle.
— Jane Wurwand