Remember, at The Skin You’re In, your service is customized to work toward the goals you set and what is best for your skin type and condition.  There are no hidden fees or last minute upgrade charges. The price you see is the price the service is.


Ultimate Customized Hydration Facial Treatment

This treatment is the ultimate for hydrating your skin.  It combines the Signature Customized Facial Services and doubles up on exfoliation and masque and includes a hydrating serum. and appropriate electrical modalities when not contraindicated.  Additionally, we include a relaxing hand massage.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Price:  $125.00

Signature Customized Facial Treatment

This treatment is customized at every step by the Skin Therapist, based on your Face Mapping® skin analysis. It is unique to each person and uses professional products and modalities as appropriate to provide additional benefits to your skin.

The emphasis of your treatment will be determined after a full skin analysis and will consider your skin's needs and your desired focus including a focus on any of the following:

  • Skin Treatment for Sensitive Skin
  • Skin Brightening Treatment
  • Skin Clearing Treatment
  • Skin Hydrating Treatment
  • Anti-Aging Treatment
  • Combination Treatment

Duration:  60 minutes
Price:  $79.00


LED Skin Rejuve­nation Facial Treatment

A painless, relaxing, stand-alone treatment. It will enhance the facial benefits by boosting collagen, treating acne and making marked skin improvements. 

Duration:  45 minutes
Price:  $70.00


Signature Customized Facial Treatment with LED Skin Rejuve­nation Treatment

A complete Signature Customized Facial Treatment and LED Facial Rejuvenation to enhance the outcome of your service.

Duration:  75 minutes
Price:  $105.00

LED treatments are not for everyone. If you are pregnant, have a seizure disorder, photo-allergy, or are on medications that cause light sensitivity (such as Tetracycline) or you are currently taking steroids or cortisone injects, you should not receive light therapy.

Express Facial

This is a quick cleansing appointment.  It includes a double cleanse with exfoliation, toner, and moisturizer to give your skin a good clean feeling. 

Duration: 15 minutes

Price: $18.00


Teen Facial

This facial targets teenage acne providing a thorough cleansing, moisturizing and toning.  It also incorporates extra clearing products that work to reduce impaction plugs, kill bacteria, control excess sebum and reduce inflammation.

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $50.00


Dermaplaning added on to any full price Facial or Peel

Duration: add 15 minutes

Price: $25.00 ($50.00 value, save $25.00)

  • First Time Appointments

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that you can complete the required consultation forms. This paperwork is crucial to ensuring that you will receive the correct treatment for your skin.  This paperwork is required to receive a service. We want you to receive your full service and do not want the time to complete the paperwork to cut into your actual service time.

Other important items:  Please be aware if you have active cold sores/fever blisters or have undergone treatment for cancer in the past six months or are currently undergoing treatment, we will not be able to do a facial for you.  This is for your health and safety.  Please plan accordingly.  Thank you.

Other Discounts cannot be combined with Packaged services, i.e. First time Customized Signature Facial Treatment or Special Offers on treatments.